Our Mindful Movement workouts

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Meditation, manifestation & movement as medicine”. The list of positive effects of moving our bodies is endless. Add a meditative practice, affirmations and/or manifestation to your workouts and you’ll have a complete mind-body reset.

BUT, as ambitious women with businesses, as mamas, as ladies with busy households, as women who have a lot on their plate, we cannot help but wonder… WHO has time for workouts AND meditating AND doing affirmations AND visualisations for manifestation?! Well, not US! Unless you are this famous actress with a couple of nannies and servants taking care of all.your.things, we figured that not that many ladies can devote hours a day to their self-care.

This knowledge and our personal experience inspired us to take our feel-good workouts to another level! We are bringing a whole new way of working out to the table, one that combines Pilates and meditation as well as manifestation and affirmations, ALL-in-ONE! Let us explain a little more about our Mindful Movement workouts.

Meditating is focusing on our breath, the present moment and being mindful of our body’s movements and sensations. As we meditate, we reduce stress, improve concentration and our mental and physical health. Affirmations are positive statements that help REWIRE our brains to think more positively and boost our confidence. And manifestation is the powerful practice of visualizing and believing in positive outcomes in our lives as we take aligned action.

In our Mindful Movement workouts, we let everything go that doesn’t serve us anymore and instead, we visualize what we want to manifest as we move our bodies. We think happy, positive thoughts, we empower ourselves with beautiful affirmations and we focus on embodying the ultimate version of ourselves.

So this gorgeous combination of working out with affirmations, meditation and manifestation is DIVINE and very powerful: it is ALL focused on raising our vibe, on gratitude and self-love, to create this super positive and radiant energy. This EPIC combo will increase overall motivation and confidence, with 100% certainty. This is why our Mindful Movement workouts will become a staple in our library and we’re keeping them on the website forever. We will actually incorporate more and more Mindful Movement workouts as we grow and as we add new flows and challenges.

Experience the MAGIC of more mental clarity, increased focus, decreased stress-levels, improved mood and enhanced performance. Oh and the sculpted abs, toned arms and legs and shaped bootie are a nice bonus!