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The Balance Club is your go-to wellness platform to energize your body and ease your mind through low impact Pilates inspired flows

The Balance Club

The Balance Club by LK is your boutique sanctuary for all things movement, health & well-being. Be transformed by our unique workout membership, where we connect different disciplines like Yoga & Pilates in creative flows. Our method empowers you to cultivate the most purposeful and powerful workout routines, so you can go through your day-to-day feeling radiant, aligned and confident. You will strengthen your physical body and clear your mind.

The word balance in our name is of course to be taken with a grain of salt. In our busy world, with work, kids, household, social relations, hobbies etc…there are always pulls and pushes in one direction or the other. With The Balance Club, we aspire to be that small moment of balance in your day, where you find both peace and energy by getting out of your head and into your body. A moment of letting go off stress and tension while embracing spark and harmony. The abs come as a bonus!

Our method

There are workouts for all levels, whether you are a beginner or more advanced, we promise you will get the burn in all the right places.

Indulge in our Pilates-inspired classes, yoga-inspired flows, standing workouts, full-body exercises or flows that work specific areas of the body, like arms, legs, abs, and booty.

Choose a brief workout for days where you are short in time, take your time in a long flow or combine different classes in one day… it’s all up to you!

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I really love the stretchy pilates and yoga-inspired flows. I notice that getting out of my head and into my body with Liesbet and Katleen eases my thoughts. After moving with TBC, I’m recharged and I’m able to tackle my to-do list with much more patience and grace.
– Yannique, 43

I’m a very sporty woman and I have quite some experience when it comes to fitness and sports. However, these low-impact workouts from TBC keep me challenged and on my toes. Still feeling the burn from my mini-series for the arms yesterday! I particularly love their weekly schedule. I just go with the flow and let Katleen & Liesbet guide me through my week!
– Sandy, 44

I combine workouts: a pilates flow and a stretchy workout. I think that’s the ideal combo! I’m practising yoga for about 3 years now but I must say that these TBC flows -although low impact and truly enjoyable – are also fiery and fierce! And that is what I love about them! Since doing these mindful workouts, I feel strong and confident.
– Kim, 43

Anytime & anywhere

The Balance Club will show you that movement gives you confidence that reaches far beyond the mat. Confidence that sums up day after day and leaves you feeling empowered and transformed. What to expect when you join our Club now:

  • refreshing flows of 5 to 30 minutes a day
  • new exclusive workouts added each week
  • diverse challenges & curated weekly program
  • newsletters with musings and guidance on all things movement, health & wellness
  • early access to special offers
  • beginner and advanced levels